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Selasa, 28 Februari 2012

Cakka Nuraga

Born on August 18th 1998 in Tangerang (Next to Jakarta), Indonesia. He is Indonesian singer, songs-writer, and guitarist. His full name is Cakka Kawekas Nuraga. Father Tunggul Dhewanto Nuraga, mother Idha Soebadri. He has only brother, Elang Putra Nuraga. They used to live in Bintaro, south of Jakarta. Unfortunately, his parent split when he was 2 years old. Cakka stayed with his mother in Jakarta while Elang and their father reside to Jogjakarta. Just like another kids, Cakka attends formal school too. He used to attend SDN 15 Percontohan, Tebet - South Jakarta and moved to SDN Serayu Jogja for elementary level. He attends Bopkri 3 Junior High School today.
By the age of eight, Cakka visited his brother Elang in Jogjakarta and watched his brother's band performance. Cakka excited to learn more about music, especially guitar. Cakka was on the 3rd grade, and he wanted to stay in Jogjakarta with Elang and their father. He asked their mom permission and allowed. That's when his passion of music begins. 


Cakka's career begins in his very young age. He used to sing for Elang's band as a co-vocalist. He learns guitar, and do a lot of guitar practices with Elang too. When he was on 6th grade, Cakka asked his father to follow a singing contest of a national TV channel RCTI, called Idola Cilik season 2. His father advice him to take a vocal course first and come to the next season of competition. Cakka agreed to that, but his teacher signed him up when the audition of Idola Cilik season 2 came to their school. He passed the audition level, and fought hard on the competition. His performance and good-looking appearance successfully make him popular. He finished at 6th position of the competition, but he gets a lot of fans from it. Cakka's fans call themselves C~LUVers! Stands for Cakka Lovers.
Cakka also had a mini-project with Eross Candra of Sheila On 7. He sang 3 songs for Pepsodent (tooth-paste brand) jingles. He played on TV serial, Dewi, for 2 episodes. Cakka appeared on Dettol (soap brand) TV commercial too.
Formerly contracted by Star Media Nusantara talents management, he works for NRG Production by now. Cakka is preparing his first solo album, releasing soon. He has cited John Mayer as a major influence in regard to his passion for music.

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